Cosner is a water world harboring a few massive islands. It is prone to heavy typhoons and tsunamis. Gravity is slightly less that Earth’s and the low density of this humongous planet is the result of few metals.

The humans of Cosner have been stuck in a feud for the last 30 years. Seven nation states have vied for control of the 4 main islands with resources quickly dwindling down to nothing. Some off planet Dogo/human groups have run Trya guardian blockades to evacuate civilian populations. It remains unclear as to whether Trya have embargoed the system to keep hostilities localized or for their own studies/entertainment. There have also been incidents of off world corporations, particularly from Relo, that have smuggled weapons into the system.

Banaos- (S Euro)
Shimata- (Japanese/Chinese)
Zashran- (E Euro)
Skelanghelm- (NW Euro)
Lukepo- (Amerand)
Aswad- (African)
Abbasid- (Arabic)

Island 1 – Banaos, Zashran, Skelanghelm
Island 2 – Shimata, Lukepo
Island 3 – Aswad, and colonies of Banaos, Skelanghelm
Island 4 – Abbasid, and colonies of Shimata

Current Alliances
Premara – Aswad, Zashran, Lukepo
Ekkestad – Skelanghelm, Shimata
Shuharoka – Abbasid, Aswad
Deniz – Abbasid, Banaos

Current Hot Wars
Zashran VS Banaos/Abbasid
Shimata VS Abbasid
Shimata VS Lukepo
Skelanghelm VS Aswad


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