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Player: Eric “The Mercenary” Mercer

Character Name: Lucas Stayer
Concept: Smuggler/Mission Leader/Pilot
Fate Points: 4

“My mind is my own” (vs. Bazazl religions)
“People person”
“No drinking problem unless I can’t get a drink”
“THEY’re shaking down my dad”
“THEY charged the wrong guy”
“Captain knows best”
“Loyalist except when I’m not”
“The stars call”
“Laredo is this girl I know”
“Money skimming Robin Hood”

Leadership +4
Stealth +4
Empathy +3
Pilot +3
Gambling +2
Guns +2
Trading +2
Alertness +1
Contacting +1
Deceit +1
Rapport +1
Sleight of Hand +1

Pick 3

Starship – “Magnolia” or “Sugar Magnolia” – Str: Tougher than a ticked off Dolome’; Weakness: Slower than a overfed Dolome’

Laredo – contact/GF in Trya Intelligence
Works heavily with arms smuggling to and refugee off Jahilaya

Crew of 5:
Kitax’Tok AKA “Tik-Tok” (Vrusk security/gunner)- Logical, Literal, organized,reliable, nags
Oorb-Fumar AKA “Smokey” (Calderan navigator/co-pilot) – Pacifist, tinkerer, worrier, VERY high IQ
CRN-34 AKA “Carson” (Android medic/scientist) – adept in numerous languages, medical techniques, and planetary knowledge, pretentious, law-abiding, extreme distain for Hallick
David “D.H.” Hallick (Human Grifter) – Swachbuckler style, gambler, self-centered, con man, charismatic, shady, Works contacts, information gathering and negotiations, also Laredo’s Ex
Jason “Mill” Millard (Human Mechanic and Engineer) – Smart alack, Stayer’s best friend, short and stocky brawler,trustworthy, brewer of Kalakhammer Honeywine

Eric's Page

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